BI & Analytics

EigerTech is stepping into world of Analytics with the Medical data available at our end to get good insights & Visualizations with predictive analytics. EigerTech creates good place in the market with implementing all leading technologies for our clients.

Advanced Analytics for Citizen Data Scientist. Enables users to easily access advanced analytics capabilities that are self-contained within the platform itself through menu-driven options or through the import and integration of externally developed models.

The growing demand for advanced technology creates both an opportunity and a challenge for enterprises to take advantage of interactive dashboard applications and effectively illustrate key performance indicators and trends. Using leading software tools.

In EigerTech our dashboard development projects on the premise. business intelligence dashboards must provide information that promotes valuable insight. We advise our clients on what makes a dashboard an exceptional tool for data analysts and corporate leadership. Does it display information in brief method.

We Serve multiple levels of data for leadership level to view both a high level summary and then drill down into granular detail level to get a more indicative view.

As Business Intelligence consulting EigerTech continue to expand and associate innovative analytics with reporting tools for building good relationships and achieving valuable insights from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Through our Analytics Consulting and Development Service, our BI consultants help you select, optimize, and deploy an selection of practice and pre-built analytics and reporting tools to help you understand your: customers, brand, competitors, operations, and market opportunities.

We are using Data Science to explore more and creating more valuable visualizations to our clients with tools like Qliksense and publishing the reports on cloud environment to access.

Connecting to multiple data sources across different types of databases and source files, flat files to get relevant results which influence the growth of organization.

EigerTech Use cases

Predicting Patient Healing Rate:Using Predictive Analytics we are Analyzing Patients Wound or Cancer healing rate

No of days to heal for a patient Wound or Cancer: We are Forecasting in how many number of days each patient wound or cancer will be healed.

How many days patients’ needs to stay for complete treatment: We are Foreseeing the how many days the patients need to stay for completing the treatment and Insurance Companies will reach out the patient and check their Eligibility.