Eigertech offers high-quality translations by engaging subject matter experts to perform translations. Our team consists of Translator and editors with varying technical backgrounds in law, engineering, medicine, and the sciences. Our core focus on Technology, Legal terminology and International legal affairs allows us to offer tailored language translation services and provide editing services for law firms, corporate clients, non-governmental organizations, and in-house translation departments.

We currently offer translations in the following twelve languages.

  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Hebrew
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish

Besides technical and patent translations, our work also includes the translation of manuals, contracts, spec sheets, regulatory materials, and various other technical papers and articles. Subject areas include technology, law, business, finance, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Patent translation:

Eigertech has more than a decade experience in serving corporations and law firms. We gained expertise by providing tailored services to clients in the Intellectual Property field and technology by dealing with several dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

We understand the patent as a techno-legal structure. Since patent has technical and legal aspects, the translation should satisfy these aspects, and meet the USPTO standards or any other patent offices where the patent is to be filed. Each patent office has different standards. The translator should be able to understand the technical terminology and legal jargon to produce high quality patent translation.

Our translators are highly qualified and experts in patent translations, are native target language speakers. We follow subject matter expertise policy i.e. a translator who has academic background in Chemistry can translate chemical patent well. Where a patent is a combination of multiple technologies the subject matter diversity also required and the translator who has academic diversity can do the justice to the translation. We adhere to the prescribed formatting rules and guidelines by USPTO, European Patent Office (EPO) and Japan Patent Office (JPO), whichever is applicable to the patent.

We also provide the best patent search and illustration services in the industry. We conduct Patent Searches targeting references that represent the novel features of your invention. Our Patent Drawings will be reviewed by a designer and three tier quality analysts and a project manager who is a master designer before passes through our rigorous quality control process. This allows us to provide patent translations service including patent search and drawings at one stop.

Our Process:

Our established quality control process, which consists of tree level scrutiny for the quality assurance. Translations are assigned to a subject matter expert translator, and it will be edited and proofread by a second expert linguist and reviewed by a dedicated a project manager for each project to ensure the quality.

Legal Translations

Legal translation is translation of a text from any source language to other target language in the field of law. With globalization, business crossed the boundaries of a countries, multiple offices are necessary to deal these requirements. International trade between two different companies necessitate to have the agreements in their native language, thus demand for translations is created.

Quality of translation and the terminology is vital in all legal matters. Legal translation is a challenging field, legal documents have a typical drafting style and legal jargon. Where a translator has to pay attention to every minute details of punctuations. Such as coma (,) full stop (.) etc. These small things have great importance in legal translation. For instance, a coma changes the complete meaning of the following sentence, “wait, not hang him” and “wait not, hang him”. In first sentence “coma” was placed before the word not, meaning requesting not to proceed with hanging process. Where as in second sentence it was placed after not which means not to wait any more and proceed with hanging process.

Consequences of poor translation in legal field can be disaster for client, it may cost million dollars or a case. Sometimes, poor translation may cause to overturn the decision in legal proceedings. Confidentiality is another concern while dealing with legal translation. Law often mandates attorneys to maintain confidentiality pertaining to client matters.

Eigertech provides quality translation services to attorneys and law firms. Our translators are subject matter experts and have minimum five years’ experience in field. They have knowledge of Legal system, Civil and common laws, and complete understanding of legal proceedings. All legal translation projects are a handled by an attorney, under his supervision, confidentiality is maintained strictly.

Our established process, translation, editing and proofreading, and the final review by project manager who is an attorney, allows us to provide superior translation quality.

Our translations in legal field including and not limited to:


Human Translation Vs. Machine Translation
Human Translation:

A text translated by human being from a source language to a target language is called as human translation. Language is a medium of communication among humans. Human beings have the ability to speak, write, think and analyze, which makes him to stand distinct from all computers/ machines and animals in this world.

Translation is a combination of skills that cannot be replaced by machines in near future because of their numerous limitations. For producing quality translations, typical translation process needs, a document to be read and analyzed first, and prepared the terminology and glossary then the source text is translated properly step by step. Once first draft of translation is completed, translators go through the entire translation by editing the grammar and their writing style. He also makes sure the translation has the same meaning of the original document by proofreading the entire translation.

Each country has different culture consisting idiomatic language expressions associated with their life. Only human understands the culture and the language associated with the society. A native translator from that region/place can translate those idiomatic expressions correctly, which enhances the quality of translation.

When we speak about the advantages of the human translation we also need to discuss the limitations of human translations. The first limitation is its time taking. Since human has to read, understand, analyze and write the translation which takes lot of time to produce quality translations. Also, the cost, the human translation cost much when compared to machine translation. Some translations require two or more translators to work on in order to catch up tight schedules there comes the consistency issue, because two people cannot think and analyze in the same way their writing styles and vocabulary usage also causes the cohesion problem.

Machine Translation:

In contrary to human, a text translated by machine is called as machine translation. We live in a world where communicating across the globe is necessary for our personal and business needs. Globalization and international trade created the need to work with foreign languages. This increased demand for the fast/quick translation and these requirements are fulfilled by machine translations and online translation tools. Generally, machine translates word to word or sentence to sentence which may not match to the meaning of the original document. Although, machine translation provides poor quality of translation, but it is useful for general understanding of a document, as saying goes “some translation is better than no translation”.

Eigertech believes in human translation, only human can translate the language correct and accurate for legal and technical needs. We tailor our human translation services to suit your needs.