Monitor/Watch Services

Monitor/Watch Services

A patent, competitor or technology watch refers to a regular monitoring and tracking of newly published IP information.

A patent watch gives you the latest information on the newest innovations that are taking place in the technology you are into. A patent watch provides exclusive monitoring of newly-issued patents as well as published patent applications that have been filed but not yet granted. A patent watch is conducted for various reasons, including making sure the products and processes you are using/selling are not covered by another party’s patent, meaning you are not infringing on the rights owned by others, nor is someone infringing your protected rights of the patents you already own.

Besides, it helps in tracking the legal status of pending, expired, abandoned patents/publication and/or their newly issued or existing family members. Through this, you will be able to see which expired or abandoned patent/publication is safe to use and also help in maintaining your own IP portfolio.

Moreover, a competitor watch assess your competitors’ IP activity and plan effectively to minimize risk or optimize your resources. This can keep you ahead of the curve by helping you identify potentially infringing patents, contest harmful applications early on, spot fresh (inbound and outbound) licensing and acquisition opportunities as they arise, and more.

Different types of Monitor/Watch services are provided to cater different needs of the client:

  • Patent Watch
  • Patent/Application Legal status Watch
  • Competitor Patent Watch
  • Infringement watch
  • Trademark watch
  • Design watch