Patent Landscape Analysis

Patent Landscape Analysis

A Patent Landscape Analysis is a detailed and comprehensive analysis of a set of patents/publications that exist in a particular technology space.

The search may be performed to meet varying business objective, however in general the search is conducted to identify and analyze patents/publication in a given technological space, verify their relevancy and relation to the region of interest and use this information to deploy instrumental business strategies.

A Landscape is an insightful analysis of the obtained patents and/or publications to draw constructive inferences and gain deeper insight into the IP activity in a technological segment. This may further be used to assess key information like major players or new entrants in the market space; geography-wise distribution of IP activity; new licensing, acquisition, and/or joint venture opportunities; possible zone of infringement; current stage of technology and potential market for exploitation; and technologies for potential R&D investment.

A Landscape search is a pre-requisite to a Landscape analysis. The search is similar to a collection or State-of-the-art search but dives deeper into analysis to narrow or broaden the search scope according to the interest of the client.

The search is followed by a detailed analysis where large volume of data is broken down into suitable categories and relevancy to suit the requirement of the client and is followed by insightful illustration of the data in the form of charts, graphs.

The Landscape Analysis report is delivered in a spreadsheet and/or PowerPoint presentation with properly categorized information.