Patent Proofreading

Patent Proofreading

Patent Proofreading is an effective way to ensure your patent is error-proof.

Majority of patents that are granted contains error which can be typos, use of incorrect grammar, and technical error in specification, improper numbering of claim or incorrect relation of a dependent claim to an independent claim, and so on. Moreover, certain modification or citations that have been made during the prosecution stage may be erroneously represented in the issued patent.

Patent proofreading is an instrumental factor to safeguard your patent from the above mentioned errors. A few of the errors may be avoided however there have been many such instances where certain errors in the granted patent have affected its enforceability and commercial viability.

Thus it is imperative to conduct a patent proofreading to avoid such hassles. A patent proofreading can be conducted at two stages: pre-grant through a pre-issuance review and post-grant. Also, depending on the requirement, the proofreading can be performed for a full-patent including front page information, drawings, specification, claims, abstract or only a front page and claims proofreading.

The Proofreading error reports are prepared in suitable format along with a Certificate-of-Correction or 312 Amendment which can be directly submitted to the patent office.

A Patent Term Adjustment for calculating the adjustment in the term of a patent can also be calculated for issued patents on request from the client.